Join us for a 2-day, 50 person conference for student hackathon organisers and friends.

August 29 & 30th 2015
Bloomberg European Headquarters, London, England

Help Shape The Future Of Student Hackathons

Hackcon EU is a conference that brings the student hacker community together to discuss the ins and outs of organising a hackathon along with discussions with the brightest minds in the community to help shape a wonderful and prosperous student hackathon scene for years to come.

See talks from our past editions in New York City and San Francisco.

The Speakers

Hackcon EU will feature talks from student leaders, as well as influential and talented speakers from other walks of life. The call for speakers closes July 15th, and speaker announcements will follow soon after, but below you can find our very special invited speakers.

Tim Messerschmidt


As a long time mobile and web developer, Tim channels his knowledge and experience as Braintree's Head of Developer Relations. He's been actively involved in the organisation of PayPal's global hackathon series BattleHack, acted as judge at multiple occasions and has been participating at numerous hackathons himself.

Jessica Rose

Happy, busy geek

Jessica Rose is the founder of Open Code and works with access to open technical education and digital spaces.

Michael Elsmore

Hackference / IBM Cloudant

Mike has been known by many names, not all of them good. He is a developer advocate for Cloud Data Services at IBM, trying to bring some fun to different databases. Most of the time he can be found in the middle of a prototype in some combination of JavaScript, server tech and odd API's. The rest of the time he's going nut's trying to cat herd Hackference.

Richard Murby


Richard leads hackathons at Devpost, the world's largest platform for hackathons. Hackathons have been a big part of his life since 2006 when he joined the World Bank's Innovation Lab to work on civic hacking. Originally from Wales but now based in NYC, he blames his lifelong obsession with technology and hacking on his parents allowing the Spectrum ZX 84 to be his baby sister.

The Schedule

Time The Gist The Speaker
Saturday 29th August 2015
09:00 Arrival & Breakfast
10:00 Welcome Bloomberg, Tim Fogarty & Bilawal Hameed
10:25 Welcome from MLH Michael Swift
10:50 Keynote Tim Messerschmidt
11:20 The hackathon zoo: types of hackathons Kevin Lewis
11:40 Winning at Hackathons Manoj Nathwani
11:50 Break
12:00 Fundamentals of organising Tim Fogarty
12:15 Community Building Dominik Kundel
12:30 Lunch
13:30 Keynote Michael Elsmore
14:00 Discussion ideas Stage lead
14:20 Break
14:30 Discussions
15:10 Break
15:20 The Basics: 3 concurrent talks Fares Alaboud, Sami Alabed, Gregor Englemann
15:50 Break
16:00 America's Student Hackathon Renaissance, 2010-2015 Alexey Komissarouk
16:20 Alternative Hacks: 2 Concurrent Tracks Andreea, River, Alejandro
16:40 Break
17:00 What I learned teaching programming to 150 young women Etiene Dalcol
17.30 Winning with Volunteers Bilawal Hameed
17:50 End
18:00 FOOD!
Time The Gist The Speaker
Sunday 30th August 2015
10:00 Intro
10:15 Keynote Jessica Rose
10:45 Slacker to Hacker - how do we make the journey as easy as possible for newbies? Poppie Simmonds
11:15 Break
11:25 Local Hack Day Shyamal Ruparel
11:55 WIT 2014 Paula Clerkin
12:15 Case Study: 2 concurrent talks Alex Bucknall, AGHacks
12:35 Lunch
13:15 Keynote Richard Murby
13:45 Discussion
14:25 Break
14:35 Chaos on the Day Josh Simpson
14:55 Organising Virtual Conferences Paweł Sawicz, Michal Franc
15:25 Lightning Talks
16:05 Break
16:15 0x4228c7ae or 42.195 km!!! - Why many hackathons don’t deserve their name. Daniel Dobos
16:40 Improving Submission Quality Eleanor Harding
17:05 Break
17:15 Personal growth hacking: a human-oriented approach. Zahra Traboulsi
17:30 Leaving something behind Joe Nash
18:00 FIN.

Last updated on 28 August 2015

The Accommodation

Opened in the Victorian age, Wombats City Hostel used to be a Hostel for Sailors - it will now play host to all our Hackcon EU attendees! Boasting facilities such as a terrace overlooking London, a bar, personal lockers, en-suite bathrooms, WiFi, and the all important bedside power sockets; it's very quickly become a popular choice for visitors since reopening last year! It is conveniently located a 20 minute walk away from Bloomberg's HQ, where Hackcon EU will take place.

The Venue

Bloomberg has been a major supporter of the MLH student hackathon scene in Europe. They hosted the launch of our first UK hackathon at their HQ and have kindly offered us the same space for Hackcon EU! We'll be shaping and defining the future of student hackathons in an absolutely breath-taking venue, right where it all began!


Frequently Asked Questions

Who can attend Hackcon?

Most people attending are existing or future student hackathon organisers. If that sounds like you, we would love to have you at Hackcon. We do make exceptions for non-organisers.

What's the format of the conference?

We will have talks in the morning and early afternoon, meals during breakfast and lunch, breakout sessions during the afternoon followed by fun activities in the evening.

How much does Hackcon cost?

Hackcon will cost money to attend. The ticket includes 2 nights of housing in London, five meals, snacks, drinks, a fun group activity, and the conference. We will announce prices when registration opens. If you really can't afford it, scholarships are available.

When should I arrive & depart?

You should aim to arrive at the hostel on Friday August 28th at 6pm. The Wombats City Hostel will be hosting all of our Hackcon EU attendees! It is conveniently located a 20 minute walk away from Bloomberg's European Headquarters, where Hackcon EU will take place.

How do I get to Hackcon?

You can fly into either Heathrow (LHR), Gatwick (LGW), Luton (LTN), City (LCY) and Stansted (STN). Once you arrive in Central London, you will need to take public transport to the Moorgate train or tube stop and walk to Finsbury Square.

Who organises Hackcon?

Hackcon EU is organised by your friends at Major League Hacking, the official student hackathon league in the United States, Canada, Mexico and Europe. Hackcon has been organised twice before in NYC in March 2014 and January 2015.

Have a question that isn't answered here? Shoot us an email.

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